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Comfort makes a lasting impression. From one order to the next, constant quality is our calling card, with superior attention to detail you can feel in every thread. When you compare our textiles to others, you’ll discover advantages like blends that are stronger, longer lasting, and more absorbent, larger size selections, and construction and innovative designs that provide an enhanced experience. We utilize both in-house and 3rd party independent testing to ensure we continue to surpass our customers' quality expectations, backed by stringent Vendor Qualification and Quality Assurance standards.

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Durable, cost-effective and easy to care for. That’s what you’ll experience with leading edge design, performance and quality in our healthcare textiles. Our manufacturing process adheres to the highest standards in the industry, from the sourcing of raw materials to the testing of finished goods. This starts with selecting partners who share our vision, and by maintaining quality control checks and balances to ensure the integrity of each and every one of our products. Our global reach gives us access to the most advanced manufacturing equipment, techniques and innovative products from other industries and markets, as well as the flexibility to adapt to the changing needs of our clients.

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